Identification and Health Monitoring of Structural Systems

The main research topics in this item are to develop efficient structural system identification methods and apply them to damage detection of structural systems. To detect minor damage to structures we propose a new attractor-based structural damage detection technique using chaotic excitation. By comparing the change of attractors from base-line and damaged structures, we detect the localized damage. We use Recurrence Analysis (RA) to analyze the change of attractor. The algorithms using Particle Filter are not practical to apply to structural identification for large scale structural systems. To overcome this problem, we developed a method being able to reduce number of particles which express possible structural response state vector. We develop an efficient adaptive particle filter technique which can control the fading rate of past observation data effects. Another topic is to develop a theoretical frame to identify observation and system noise distribution characteristics using observation data simultaneously identifying the distribution characteristics of system parameters.

The main source of research fund is from the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research and the Special Coordination Funds Promoting Science and Technologies